4 Best Website Builders For Beginners

Are you looking to start a website for your hobby or business?

Building a website is complicated. Well, at least it used to be. It’s a lot easier now, and you have a wide selection of website builders. If you want to kickstart your online journey, then here are the best website builders that even newbies can try.


WordPress is undoubtedly the most extensive website builder out there. Part of its success is because it’s such an easy platform to use.

The platform features intuitive menus. As for building the website itself, you have loads of free themes to choose from. Pick the theme, customize it to your liking, and your website will be built in no time.

Another reason it’s a fan favorite for beginners is that it hosts millions of plugins. These plugins can do a wide variety of things related to security, SEO, payments, and much more.

Though it’s built for beginners, WordPress is also a good platform for expert website builders.

You can use WordPress for free. However, a Pro version is paid $15 a month. Additionally, you get access to many free themes, but there are premium themes with an average price of $58 based on recent data.


One of the best parts about Wix is that it has over 500 website templates you can choose from. You don’t need to start forms from scratch when using Wix. The templates are highly customizable, giving you control of nearly all elements and colors on the page.

Does that seem like a lot of work still?

Wix also has what’s called an artificial design intelligence system or ADI. This is software that automatically creates a website that fits your needs.

Once the website is built, Wix gives you access to an expansive selection of apps and features. You can create everything on Wix, whether a simple blog or an online shop.

The apps themselves are easy to use. Simply download the app, and it will automatically run on your website.

Wix’s most basic plan starts at $4.50 a month, including a free custom domain, a free SSL certificate, 1 GB of bandwidth, and 500 MB of storage space.

The most popular plan costs $12.50 a month. Aside from the contents of the basic plan, this also includes a free domain for a year, an ad-free experience, personal and social media logo files, and priority customer care. Storage space is also upgraded to 10GB, while bandwidth is unlimited.

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Another big name when it comes to website builders is GoDaddy. Apart from that, the company is also well-known for its web hosting services and 24/7 support.

Many web developers will argue that GoDaddy has the best AI-powered website builder right now. Like Wix, you’ll first have to answer a few questions about the website you’re eyeing. After that, GoDaddy automatically creates a new website for your business.

If you’re a business owner that wants to expand online, GoDaddy is the best platform.

Its intuitive interface and selection of additional apps cater to businesses and online stores alike.

GoDaddy has a 30-day trial for all users. The basic plan starts at $6.99 per month. Business owners should get the Premium Plan which starts at $13.99 monthly.


While GoDaddy is geared towards business owners, Squarespace is intended for bloggers instead.

It’s an intuitive platform that stands out the most once you begin designing your website. The biggest asset of Squarespace is its unique template designs and text editor. When using Squarespace, you’ll have access to a wide selection of excellent templates even though they’re free.

The platform itself is pretty straightforward. The templates may be unique, but the customization options are relatively limited. Another drawback is that Squarespace’s site speed is slightly lower than other platforms.

Although Squarespace is easy to use, it’s worth noting that its menus can tend to be confusing at first. Once you get the hang of them, you’ll be able to create a fantastic blog quickly.

The basic plan for Squarespace starts at $14. The business plan, on the other hand, starts at $23.

Running a website is a lot easier thanks to these platforms. Remember that the websites you can create from these platforms are still somewhat limited.

If you want advanced and better websites, investing in web development services is still best. However, these website builders are a great start if you want to test the waters for a website.