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6 Key Areas Where Local & Organic Search Still Matter!

What Exactly Is The Meaning Of Local Search Engine Optimization & Organic Search Engine Optimization?

Local SEO – Local SEO strategy means targeting the customers of a Definite Region, Vicinity, Area, or Zone. In conclusion, local SEO means enhancing your website’s prominence and rankings in the search results of any search engines, similar to Google Local Pack (also known as Google Map Pack).

Organic SEO – The organic listing displays your business website in front of the local searches as Google’s Pack rankings. In short, how to enhance your website’s rankings in Organic Search Results that will positively affect your website’s Local Pack Rankings!

What Is The Importance Of Local Search?

Google’s motto is to provide the online searchers with the most relevant answer to their queries. As soon as Google senses that you are trying to find something in your locality in seconds, the Map Pack results are displayed on the first page.

Following Are The 6 Key Areas Where Local & Organic Search Still Matter & Gets Maximum Importance:

  1. More than 75% of the prospective buyers use local searches on their mobile devices. In 24 hours, they visit any business outlet. Around 27% of these searches are converted into purchases. Google further states that almost 30% of all the searches are processed that are directly related to location.
  2. A survey regarding local search was conducted. The survey concluded that more than 60% of prospective buyers confirmed using local searches every day.
  3. More than 80% of prospective buyers rely on online reviews. Most prospective buyers thoroughly read the local reviews and spend around 10 to 14 minutes before finalizing the purchase.
  4. Google maps also play a vital role in locating the business house. Around 86% of prospective buyers depend on Google Maps to visit the location.
  5. Before visiting the store, a Google study showed that more than 74% of the prospective buyers visiting the showroom searched for utility things like “Closest Store near me”, Its Location, etc.
  6. Almost 50% of Internet users use Mobile devices for their local searches. Almost 83% of prospective buyers use Google Search to locate nearby business houses. Approximately 31% choose Bing, 33% Apple maps, 55% choose Google Maps, and 39% use Yahoo.

When you go on an outdoor trip, you prefer to find – a local restaurant near you. The search result will fetch you all the required details within a specific perimeter around your current location. As a businessman dwelling in that locality, you should grab the opportunity and get your business house on top of the search pages.

An additional study also shows that click-through rates are very high on local searches that top the page (around 54%). And, the second-best in the list has a click-through rate touching 6.8%.

What Are The Important Local Search Ranking Factors?

Your Business Profile Page on Google: Way back the number 1 search factor of Google page was your business page on Google My Business Profile Page. Even today, this is relevant in toping up the Google search result.

Reviews from the customers who have purchased your product: Prospective customers change their decision when they see no reviews or negative reviews of your business. Hence offering the best services and getting positive reviews will top the search result pages.

Steadiness in Business Name, Address, and Telephone Number: If Google wants to check the legal authenticity of your website, it makes use of the name, address, and telephone number for verification.

Social Media Ranking Of Your Business: Google has confirmed that there is no direct link between the social media rank of your business and the Google algorithm. But your brands’ social profiles may top the search results because of your loyal customer base.


It is very high time to start taking advantage of local and organic search. Your business house will be standing out in this fierce world of competition. If you complete your website and do not get your business house on the first page of a Google search, your entire investment will be wasted.